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Track all metrics with custom reports. Maximize impact by analyzing campaign results and content performance easily.

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Track all metrics with custom reports. Maximize impact by analyzing campaign results and content performance easily.

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Our goals

Early Stage Capital: Our goal is to double the number of startup ventures raising an early stage round of capital in MSP

Enterprise Participation: Our goal is to ensure 100% of billion-dollar enterprises based in MSP are meaningfully engaged with local startup ventures

Racial Equality: Our goal is to see leaders with an equity stake in MSP-based ventures reflect the region’s populations of Black, Latinx, Asian, Indigenous and people of color

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Our operating priciples

We believe collaboration is necessary, because no one individual or organization leads an ecosystem

We embrace economic diversity as a strength, because new and scaling ventures include tech, but also food, health care, retail, finance, and more

We intentionally prioritize inclusion, because people drive our success, and we acknowledge the inequities that exist among people in our community

We operate with open networks, because the best idea can come from anywhere, and work to drive communities forward should be transparent and clear

We celebrate each other, because the success of one individual or organization in our ecosystem is a win for everyone when it advances our goals

We track our performance, because the measures that matter to our partners may differ, but we value shared understanding of where we are today, and where we are headed

Our coalition members

Forge North coalition members include individuals and organizations who are aligned with these goals for the MSP region and motivated to work in partnership.

Coalition members include entrepreneurs, investors, business executives, government officials, leaders of entrepreneurial support organizations, and many others

Our leadership council

The Forge North Leadership Council steers this growing coalition. This group of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate executives, and community leaders represents the larger coalition and works to engage all members in establishing goals and strategies and measuring the region’s progress

Our projects

Coalition members work together through the Forge North platform to incubate projects that can move the broader community forward. Each project involves leaders working together across organizational boundaries to advance one or more of our shared goals. Each project is led by a team captain from our coalition.

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